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“Coaching is a powerful, non-judgmental, results driven service that facilitates awareness, clarity, achievement, learning, skills enhancement, as well as,  growth and change”

What’s the Best Coaching Program for Me?

Ultimately, elements of all coaching programs cross over because there is always some personal, work or relationship issue that is getting in your way. What follows is a brief over of the coaching programs I offer and your coaching investment options.

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Have More Fun in Life and Play: Personal Development and Life Coaching

Personal Development Coaching (or Personal Life Coaching) is a future focused approach for those wanting to get crystal clear on their life direction. Change what is not working, enhance what is. You are ready to take action, be held accountable, create and design a structured roadmap to your success. You will be challenged but I promise there will tons of laughter too.

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Increase your Confidence and Success at Work: Executive Coaching – Coaching for C-Level, Senior Executives and Professionals

For Professional Executives from all levels of an organisation who desire a proven framework to build confidence and attain exceptional personal goals and measurable business results. We will challenge you, motive you and guide you with an endless kit of tools and techniques to succeed. Furthermore, you will increase quality of work rather than quantity of work. Resulting in empowering you to be more effective and efficient in the workplace. You will become the dream performer that you deep down desire to be.

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Need Some Kick Butt Business Support? Coaching for Entrepreneurs, Start Ups and Business Owners 

For Entrepreneurs and Business Owners needing to get impartial neutral support, encouragement, outlet to vent, clarity and skills to deliver organisational goals, objectives and drivers. What skills and insights do you need to drive your business success? Learn how to quiet the mind to help you make better clearer decisions. Weekly, fortnightly and monthly business coaching programs can be designed. I travelled globally to support senior executives and businesses for specific business change strategy programs. 

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90 Minutes to the Leading Edge: Power Coaching Session

Maybe you need a one-off power coaching session rather than long term coaching? This 90 minutes power coaching session will leave you confident, feeling refreshed and inspired to do the kick butting yourself. Please note a 90 minute power coaching session is $375.

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Personal and Business Make Over – 30 Day Bootcamp for C-Level Executives and Entrepreneurs in Need

Is your business not where you need it to be? Maybe your are so discouraged that you driving yourself, your team, your business to near failure? If you have an answered yes then this program is for you. Bootcamp Coaching is offered as a 30 Day Personal Development Coaching Program for leaders desperate for change and success. I guarantee your life, business or career transformation if you let me guide and manage you for the month. This is premium intense program that will transform your life, career or business. Let’s chat for details.

Coaching Investment

Coaching is a personal and professional investment in you, your mental health, your career and wellness benefiting those around you and those you are responsible for. Most of you hire a health coach, a personal trainer or other qualified certified coaches and practitioners to keep you healthy and fit.

I’m fortunate to have numerous business opportunties and I coach a boutique client base. However, I always love to work with someone ready to excel and will fully commit to your success should we agree to work together. I will find the time if you take the step.

When we work together, the time I spend on you is not just the 30, 45 or 60 minutes that our coaching session runs for. I work tirelessly for you week in, week out  – researching and investigating; finding out how to make your success come quicker and faster. I will network and connect, speak with leaders and experts in your industry and coaching fields to get the best strategies and results for you.

Sometimes the 45 minutes we talk is backed up by 4 to 6 hours of work on my side. This is one of the contributing factors why my clients have extraordinary success and results.

Personal Development and Life Coaching Packages (Pricing excludes GST: Australia only) –

  • Option 1: AUD$600 for 4 x 30 minute sessions
  • Option 2: AUD$900 for 4 x 45 minute sessions
  • Option 3: AUD$1,150 for 8 x 30 minute sessions
  • Option 4: AUD$1,700 for 8 x 45 minute sessions

(via Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangout)

Executive Coaching (Pricing excludes GST: Australia only) –

  • Option 1: AUD$2,800 for 8 x 60 min sessions

(Your Office or via Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangout)

Business and Entrepreneur Coaching –

  • Please contact for to discussed unique programs that can be devised for you.

(Price exclude GST – Australia only. Coaching payment is upfront in full. In certain circumstance, a two part payment plan can be agreed)

Strategy Session?

  • Curious to see if coaching is possible for you?
  • What’s stopping you from being the partner, parent, friend, leader that you want to be?
  • Life Playground Coaching’s “Let’s Play!” strategy session 20 minute call allows both parties the opportunity to see if we can create the results and change you desire
  • See what life coaching options or life coaching programs are best for your personal needs

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Please note: Coaching Programs are Tax Deduction in most countries

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