Teen Suicides and Bullying

Teen Suicides and Bullying. Lets take Action to Stop it Now!

There have been a number of heartbreaking teen suicides over the last couple of weeks due to these kids being gay or different. This must stop!

R U OK Day?

In Australia, on October 7th we have R U OK Day. We are encourage to touch base with people, colleagues, friends and family / loved ones to say hi and hear how they are doing. This simple act could make a difference to someones life!

It Gets Better Project

In America, there is a massive campaign to help stop teen suicide relating to gay teens killing themselves due to bullying or not feeling accepted. The project is called It Gets Better and many young teens and celebrities are making videos to share words of encourage and support to those gay teens in pain or contemplating taking their lives.

For any of you that happen to read this: Please don’t take your life. Your contribution to the world is needed. xox

A Poem About Listening

Years ago when I was studying for my Counselling Certificate, we were given the following poem about Listening. It struck a cord in me and wanted to post it today.

I hope you can make time to Listen to someone today, tomorrow and each and every day of your life. Not just a day that needs to organised to bring it to our attention.

The core of this poem is that most of the time, people just need you to listen and hold the space for them to express themselves. I hope each of us will learn the gift of listening and when its appropriate to give advice.

Message to Parents – Please take heed of the message of the poem.

Please Listen – Author Unknown

When I ask you to listen to me

and you start giving me advice,

you have not done what I asked.

When I ask you to listen to me

and you begin to tell me why

I shouldn’t feel that way,

you are trampling on my feelings.

When I ask you to listen to me

and you feel you have to do something

to solve my problem,

you have failed me,

strange as that may seem.

Listen! All I ask is that you listen.

Don’t talk or do—just hear me.

Advice is cheap; 20 cents will get

you both Dear Abby and Billy Graham

in the same newspaper.

And I can do for myself; I am not helpless.

Maybe discouraged and faltering,

but not helpless.

When you do something for me that I can

and need to do for myself,

you contribute to my fear and


But when you accept as a simple fact

that I feel what I feel,

no matter how irrational,

then I can stop trying to convince

you and get about this business

of understanding what’s behind

this irrational feeling.

And when that’s clear, the answers are

obvious and I don’t need advice.

Irrational feelings make sense when

we understand what’s behind them.

Perhaps that’s why prayer works, sometimes,

for some people—because God is mute,

and he doesn’t give advice or try to fix things.

God just listens and lets you workit out for yourself.

So please listen, and just hear me.

And if you want to talk, wait a minute for your turn—and I will listen to you.

Note: If any of you know the name of the Author of this poem then please let me know and I will update. Thank you.

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