Power Coaching Session

90 Minute Power Coaching Session – Be Inspired, Motivated and Ready to Kick Butt!

The intent of the 90 minute session is to take one issue you are struggling with and you to turn it around. This could be a business issue or idea or a personal life matter that needs attention – relations, career, health, wellness. We will deep dive into the issue, get you clear on what you want and how we will get there. Consequently,  will look at tactics, strategies, behaviours and structure that will help you on your new path.

Results and Outcomes from Your Power Coaching Session will be:

  • 1 life obstacle / business idea transformed and a success path designed (can be in life, career or business)
  • Actions to implement immediately (i.e. Action must be taken within 3 days after the session or the idea goes back into “I thought of doing that ether”)
  • You will be enthused, motivated and inspired
  • Your personal investment for a 90 minute power coaching session is $375.00 ($AUD excluding GST). Payment accepted in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoinethereumlitecoin (addresses will be provided)

The Power Coaching Sessions are create for clients who wanting a monthly check-in.

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