Are You Ready To Jump?

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It has been forever since I sent out a newsletter and some amazing things have been happening personally and business wise inbetween.

Just  returned from a 5 week trip where I visited family, friends, amazing places and managed to tick 3 things of my bucket list , all in one day on July 19th.

Taking a Big Leap of Faith and Transforming Fear into Possibility

One of those bucket list activities was doing the Sky Jump of the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas.

I have never felt such fear arise than I did that moment  I stretched my arms out and looked down the 253m that I was about to descend. At that moment, I pledged that I would never let fear, procrastination and all the gremlins that use to run me be a winner again.

In 9 seconds, by taking on that fear and saying Yes to living, I transformed my life.

See Video Here: Sky Jump Las Vegas

Death of the Old, Birth of the New

Without getting to new age, I really felt a renewed sense of purpose and it feels solid. Whether you are into law of attraction or not, since that day, opportunities have knocked on my door, I have prospective clients on a wait list, our Living in Yummy Radio Show has already be syndicated, been exercising from a space of joy and pleasure and not out of a need to look good!

And You? Are You Ready to Jump?

So my question to you today. Have you been holding off addressing a fear or letting go of something, one or behaviour that stops you from having it all?

Are you ready to jump?  Go do it…! I hope opens of endless potential for you. Let me know what wonderful things happen as a result.

‘Til next time,


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