Sometimes I have to stop myself and remember how lucky I am to have amazing family and friends, a roof over my head, clients I love working with and the best two cats in the world… I lack or want for nothing… Feel very blessed…

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Is a Promise Better Than a Goal?

“It takes a lot of courage to keep a promise.”

We must have written or set goals for a number of things in our lives, but how many times have we been able to actually follow through them, only to nod our heads in sadness for not accomplishing them. According to the basic human psychology, when we set goals, we subconsciously forgo them because we are not committed to them. On the other hand, we make promises to keep them, mostly because failing a promise may lead to bigger embarrassments. Thus before we make any commitment, we have to think whether we are making a promise or not.

People often go to varying lengths to fulfill their promises. For example, if you have promised your boy friend to get back into that seductive looking dress that he just presented and which is a size less, then you may look for a variety of options including weight loss pills. However, if you have not made a promise and only set a goal, you may shilly-shally the entire issue and just pass it off without much ado.

Goals are nothing but directions that we set and try reach or follow. We should not grieve much if we are unable to follow the goals or the milestones that we have set. A better way would be to continue positioning the goals and strive to reach them. In contrast, according to some people, when you promise something, you are motivated by that ‘negative’ emotion which drives your inner self to fulfill the promise, especially if the promise has been made in public. Basically you are liable for its failure or success. Upon success you will reward yourself or be rewarded by someone, and this could be the motivation. However, we cannot say the same for goals, which can be easily erased from our memory.

Now, if you are in a business network, what are the key components of branding and social media? It is the promise that you make to your customers in order to achieve maximum sales. Your way of delivering the products, your representatives for business and the way your customers are treated, are the critical aspects of delivering that promise. But when you are advertising for your brand, your goal is to grab the attention of a customer and create such visual impressions that a response is prompted instantly. So, for a successful branding strategy, you are using both the factors of making a promise and reaching the goals.

When you were a child, you must have definitely shrieked, “But you promised!” It is that agony of cry which is often flung at the adults by their children. And this accusation of “You promised!” cuts you deeply as somewhere in our sub-conscious mind we know the importance of keeping that promise. This is perhaps one of the reasons why we take those vows in a marriage.

The bottom line is that we are supposed to keep the promises as they are sacred, while goals can be shifted according to the circumstances.

Janet x

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Rock Star Performer – Extraordinary Communication | Tips to Better Communication Skills

Today, we will touch briefly on communication and some tips that will help you get the results you need.

Extraordinary Communication

Rock Star Performers with extraordinary communication are hard to find. Those that have it can nail it every time. Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan (in his prime) and Barak Obama are great examples of people who have mastered communication and how they deliver messages.

Bill Clinton Rock Star Performer

It has been said that Bill Clinton can enter a room and the entire room can sense his presence.

I have experienced this myself a number of times with people who have high levels of confidence in themselves.

People are drawn to you almost trance like. That is amazing Rock Star Performer quality

Waffle Leads to “A-Ha”, “Oh”, “Mmmm” Moments

Regardless of whether you are promoting or selling something or about to share an experience, please get the point quickly and go into more detail once the receiver is engaged. There is nothing worse than a whole story being told before the communicator has got to their point and you have drifted off so much that you the only way you can respond is with a “A-ha, oh, mmmm” because you have no clue what they said, due to having gone through that evening’s shopping list or visualizing how good a cold beer would be right now.

Make Someone Feel Like They Are Important

When you engage with someone, there is so much power in being present with them. Really look at them. It will make them feel like the only person in the room and that they are important. Rock Star Performers do this all the time.

Be A Better Communicator – 7 Tips To Successful Communication

  • Studied and watch some of speeches of Clinton, Obama, people you admire and see if you can gain some insight that can improve how you engage people

  • Great communicators love meeting and being with people. Learn to overcome shyness.

  • Do exercises to increase your confidence and self esteem

  • Focus on the person you are with and not the person who just walk by or caught your eye

  • The dress the way you want to be perceived

  • Learn to get your point across in 30 seconds

  • Ask friends for feedback / video yourself giving a presentation or speech

One last point for today – Good communication is also about knowing when not to talk. We will go into more detail on that next time when look at Listening.

What are your Biggest Challenges?

We all have challenges, some big, some small. I would love to hear from you about your challenges and I will do my best to address them in future articles:

  • Do you want to information on dating or How to be when you’ve meet Mr or Miss Right?
  • How to dump Mr or Miss Wrong?
  • How to have a better relationships? 
  • Want to start you own business? 
  • Change career or climb?
  • Are you stressed out?
  • Want to learn more about how to plan and structure your life?

Let me know….. Until next time….



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