Coaching FAQs for an understanding of the ethical and duty of care a qualified life coach undertakes.

How do I know that you’ll understand my unique situation?

Everyone is indeed unique yet throughout the years of working around the globe and specialising in coaching we noticed common traits that time and time again let people down. Those common traits or ways of being can paralyse a person from taking the action they need to change their life and get the results they want.

How quickly can you feel the benefits of coaching?

97% of clients achieve some major life and business changing results within the first month of starting a Life Playground Coaching Program.

What does coaching address?

Coaching can address the clients experience of his/her whole life, career aspirations or success in running a business, managing people. It promotes the development of quality relationship with themselves, those in their lives, their clients, the broader community, the environment and the world.

People address all aspects of their lives in areas such as:

  • Playing bigger in the world
  • Doing something about the ideas I dream of daily
  • Having much more satisfying relationships
  • Finance / Earning potential
  • Career
  • Entrepreneurial aspirations
  • Have a clear and focused goals together with a plan to attaining them
  • Self-care and health
  • Enabling creativity
  • Wealth and abundance (both financially, mentally and spiritually)
  • What results have clients gotten having worked with Janet McNally and Life Playground Coaching?

Every client is unique. Your pain for change will determine the results you get. A great coach will push you beyond your comfort zone to take chances that may or may give you results you desire. By stepping up going for it, you have created a 50% chance of achieving it. By doing nothing then the result is a big fat ZERO!!!

How do I know if I am someone who can be coached?

Coaching is non-critical and non-judgmental and guides the client to recognition of their own vast personal experiences. Life Coaching supports clients with life tools and accountability to attain dreams, goals and desires they wish to have for themselves.

Coaches are totally committed to each client but maintain an impartiality which allows them to clearly see the way forward and to encourage and monitor progress by stages.

How does Life Playground differ from others?

The aim of Life Playground is to help create a fun, holistic and long lasting change, by touching into the child like wonder of yesteryear, building a better quality of life for all and having fun in the process!

Janet has over 20 years in the corporate world, working in both large and small to medium business. We will work with you to help and guide you towards having a permanent shift about who you are and how you live and play in the world for yourself or your business. This is achieved through an exploration program of:

  1. Discovering what you really want! Get real and be authentic in delcaring what you really want
  2. Focused goal setting and planning to attain that
  3. Becoming aware of limiting beliefs and behavioural patterns, transforming them
  4. On-going learning
  5. Action, application and accountability for fast results
  6. Structure, consistency and daily practice

What Ethical Standards do you follow?

Life Coaches are taught to adhere to professional ethic guidelines and duty of care principles such as those listed by the International Coaching Federation.

Is Coaching the same as counselling or therapy?

Any form of Coaching whether it is life coaching, executive life coaching or small business owner coaching isn’t a substitute for professional counselling or therapy. If needed, clients are referred on to those professions.

Why Janet McNally and Life Playground Coaching?

Fast results – Although we request a 3 to 4 month commitment, client’s often achieved results within 6 to 8 sessions

Openness and honesty throughout the coaching relationship – Janet continually reviews your progress and the coaching relationship making necessary changes that benefit you ie If you achieve your goals after 7 weeks, we will refund the remaining paid for sessions

24 x 7 Commitment – Janet commits to mid-session contact to see that you are working towards your goals, sticking to your daily practises and to give you some help addressing any issues preventing you from moving forward

Childlike Wonder – Janet believes in returning to that Playground feeling and bringing some childlike joy into life! Remember how you loved dancing to Madonna in front of the mirror? Be warned!

Ready to Play. Please go to Contact and let me what what you want different in your life

Coaching FAQs – Qualified Life Coach – Frequently Asked Questions