Be My Glorious Self

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Be My Glorious Self – This week I’m practicing just being me, my glorious self! So this means I’ll be singing off key to any random song that comes into my head and making up the lyrics too. I’ll dance around the place. Probably very uncoordinated and most likely in front of the mirror.

Switching-Off from TV

I will NOT watch TV news broadcasts. They seriously get you down. It allows me to stay in flow.

Task Completion

One main goal this week is to start a task and see it through to completion without getting distracted. Sometimes I find the 1000 things I need to do task list gets in my way and diverts me from task completion or from a coaching tactic – attaining small quick wins and success!

Living My Glorious Unique Self

SO my glorious self is about completing my tasks and marinating in the quick win. That may or may not resonant with you. That’s what I love about us human beings. Our uniqueness and unique needs, desires, and quirks is what makes the world so rich and abundant with experience.

Why don’t you give it a go? Be your glorious yourself. Love yourself and let other love you too.


Janet McNally xxx

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