Janet McNally Interviews Jessie May, Venice Beach Life Coach

 Part 1

Janet McNally talks today with the wonderful Jessie May a Life Coach based in Venice Beach, California.

Janet and Jessie talk about what inspires them and give tips for future Life Coaches out there wanting to go into the Life Coaching industry

Jessie May has worked as a counsellor, a mentor, and been a guide to many in her life. She has communications degree with a minor in film studies from Queen’s University, a graphic design degree from the Academy of Art & Design in Montreal, and a Life Coaching certification from Coach for Life in San Diego.

Jessie is entrepreneur who created and built a successful women’s clothing line sold in over 400 boutiques across North America for 7 years, and a passionate photographer who loves to capture what she see around her in images.

Enjoy her inpiring sharing….



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 Janet McNally & Jessie May Talk For Aspiring Life Coaches

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 Janet McNally & Jessie May Talk For Aspiring Life Coaches
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