I enable 5 high achievers per year to clear sabotaging anxiety & stress, gain insights into debilitating blind spots and support them to live each and every day the best way possible.

"Life is a Playground, not a Prison. Live as you truly Desire! Let's Play?"

Is this you?

  • Live 24/7 work
  • Do you wake up at 2am worried about your future or what is going to happen that morning?
  • Embarrassed due to some failed  projects or goals?
  • Don't have work life balance?
  • Consumed by work or business or family commitments?
  • Your relationships are not as good as you desire?
  • Confidence knocked-out of you?
  • You have been hurt and cannot let it go?
  • Fear of being exposed? Don't take risks?
  • Inconsistent?
  • Self sabotage?
  • Overwhelmed?
  • Regrets and disappointments about the past?

 Or perhaps this is you?

  • You know it could be better but something is getting in your way
  • Have had success in some areas and you ready to take it to the next level
  • You want to break free of your current situation - work, relationship, health
  • You have a great work ethic, talent and skills but your are not using them to your full potential
  • You work hard but not getting results

What's stopping you?

  • You don't know the goal behind your goal
  • No defined strategies in place that will give you structure and direction - motivate, inspire, enthuse and drive you to action
  • Not dealing with the deep rooted behaviours

Meet my amazing clients:

  • Want to gain insight into behaviours and habits that are detrimental to you and those around you - e.g. relationship with family, friends, children, colleagues, leaders, business partners and industries peers.
  • Ready to take RISKS?
  • Lost your groove or hustle due to a few failures and want to regain your power and stop heading down the slippery road.
  • Half way through building an amazing business and procrastinate seeing it through to a successful completion.
  • Visionary with a full plate and little work life balance.
  • You want a better sense of direction with a clear path; and to have the tools and support to help you handle the bumps along the way.
  • Be 100% ok with being your unique wonderful self, not comparing yourself and not giving a f**k about what other say or think about you.

Need a trusted advisor, someone with no judgement or no agenda, someone who has seen and done it all supporting your back and driving your success. That's where I come in!

Working together

When we work together, I'll provide you with a proven coaching framework that I have been using for decades personally and professionally. This framework is based on the principles of Desire, Discipline, Determination, Action = Happiness and Results / Success and Satisfaction. There will be limitless sharing of lessons learnt - successes and failures! Having been to deepest of all time lows and back, I know how to shift and break free from the stuck shit-happens in your life. You will be freed from stories and the stuck record you keep playing over and over.

Coaching produces RESULTS and faster than you may think

Throughout your Coaching... YOU will:

  • Understand your values, beliefs, habits and behaviours that operate and manage you
  • Understand your real goals
  • Get you crystal clear about your future
  • Starting seeing your RELATIONSHIPS improve
  • Create a daily schedule for SUCCESS and SATISFACTION
  • Build CONFIDENCE through small quick wins
  • We'll look at your holistic skills
  • Address job proof requirements such as re-skilling, retraining or up-skilling
  • Increase your SELF ESTEEM
  • Be inspire and enthused to take ACTION
  • Develop a MINDSET for success
  • Eradicate your CRAP and shitty excuses

I'll kick your butt but I'll also be there for you

Meet Janet McNally - Your Life Coach

My precision as a coach, business consultant and entrepreneur comes from years of experience in numerous industries where results, transformation and seeing dreams turned into reality are the linchpin of my career. I'm a qualified and certified coach and I have a certificate in counselling. I have done the hard work - personally and professionally. I enjoy life. Have fun. Experiment with foods, drinks, health and fitness. Love risk and taking chances.

Within 30 minutes of speaking with you, I clearly see your strengths that MUST be capitalised on for exceptional results. I'll guide you to getting the results you desire.

What People are Saying

Janet McNally is simply a terrific life coach. Rarely have I had the pleasure of working with someone who: can understand all the many and varied facets to my complex and ambitious mind, can keep up with the pace I drive myself and match the high standards I expect of myself. She is my number one coach referral!

Julia Vargiu
Julia Vargiu Principal, New Business Methodology

Working with Janet has been one of the best decisions of my life. She was able to steer me in the right direction and truly hold me accountable to deliverables we created together. That accountability and direction helped me discover and develop confidence that has allowed me to achieve success and happiness at a pace that was unfathomable to me 6 months before we worked together.

Emily McInerney
Emily McInerney Advertising Industry

I've been working with Janet over the past year. Janet has been great to work with and has a wealth of knowledge on life coaching and mindset. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious bringing the best out of those in her presence.

Ehsaan Sakhae
Ehsaan Sakhae CEO Inspirational Management

From our first chat, it was clear to me that Janet is passionate about helping her clients recognise and become the best that they can be. She was my ideal coach and one of the best leadership coaches I came across. I appreciated her patience and frank manner, and I felt that I could be vulnerable with her so that we could really look at the real causes of the issues. I was a changed person after my sessions with Janet – I still can’t believe it!

Grace T
Grace T Investment Banker

Benefits of coaching with me:

  • Design a life, career, business roadmap that motivate and inspires you
  • Increased confidence to you get clear, dream and take action
  • Have clear goals and strategies to drive you
  • Human Resource department! Be your own authority and decision maker for your future, your career, your business, your family, your relationships
  • Help you understand how your conditioning and mindset and identifies what needs to change in order for success to happen
  • We see the gems that lie within you and get you and others to see them too
  • Set up daily practices that condition you to achieve and take action
  • Change bad (unconscious) habits
  • Be held accountable to pushing you through blockages

Coaching Availability

I work with 5 clients per year. To learn more about how I can support you. Please go to work with me and let's start a conversation.


Ready to PLAY?

Go to CONTACT and share what and why you want change in your life, career or business. My job is to help you with the HOW.

My goal is to help you evolve into the person you want to be, the person you know you can be and make a positive affect on your life. Your success is my success

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