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"I'm passionate about turning your personal life and career into an unstoppable powerful force of satisfaction and success"

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Hello and welcome to the bit about me.  I'm Janet McNally your Kick Butt Life Coach. I have been fortunate to work, guide and help people transform from all walks of life; some seeking to get their hustle and confidence back, others with career support or business excellence over the last 3 decades.

I have always been curious. Open to risk, head fear face on. I have built a foundation of tools that allows me to the best life coach possible.  My innate beliefs opened me to continuously say yes to all the wonderful, crazy work-life-play adventures that I have experienced along the way.


That spirit has resulted in me living in 5 continents. I've met Nelson Mandala. Jumped of the highest building in the world. I have supported dozens of start up companies and help millennials get their shit together to build their businesses.

Worked with up some really crazy celebrities and successful entrepreneurs and transformed their lives. I've taken work I loved and hated.  I turned around businesses in strife.  

I've kick butt 100s of people and businesses and seen them achieve happiness, joy and kick ass results in their lives. 


I kick butt in life each and every day. I do Krav Maga and balance that off with yoga and meditation. I've a new found passion kite board and climbing - travel around the globe doing that.

Love good night night out with a few gin and tonics with my friends - Irish Gin is the best. I've partied hard. Lost count how many times I danced to dawn. I laugh a lot.

I always do things that take me out of my comfort zone. Often, when I want to switch-off, I binge watch on Netflix.

Qualified Coach

I have been life coaching and business consulting on and off for over nearly 25 years. In 2005, I studied transformational life coaching and counselling for 2 years to attain a diploma in Coaching and a certificate in Counselling.

I feel it is very important to work with a qualified coach who practices duty of care first and foremost with their clients.

Change is a Life Long Journey

I owe it to clients to work on my own personal development and business skills. As a result, I'm coached by leading experts from around the globe to sharpen my coaching skills and ability.

As a life long learner, both personally and professionally, I feel it is ever too late to learn skills, educate yourself or re-skill to get ahead in life. I want to be learning, exercising, eating healthy until the day I depart this planet.


I have deliberately dip back and forth into consulting in order to stay in touch with the workplace of today. Key to my coaching and consulting success is understanding the workplaces' ever changing needs and challenges - How do we keep our top achiever millennials happy?

From a business side I have expertise in Sales, Marketing, Change Management, Process Improvement, Project Management, Human Resources Practices, Organisational Change, Information Technology, Social Media and Business Development.

Technology is changing how we work, live and play on a daily basis. So how do we prepare ourselves to embrace emerging information and digital technologies in this Artificial Intelligence era? How will it affect our jobs and every day living? I work closely with clients to help them prepare and be ready for the jobs and business services of the future.

Your Life, Your Career, Your Success and Satisfaction

I love finding the latent potential ability in individuals and businesses. It is so much fun to find and fire up your mind-blowing resources to get ever amazing and lasting results. Love to talk with you.

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