Overcome Struggle: Manage Stress in 10 Minutes or less ($95)


COMING SOON - February 2023

Learn to control and manage stress and anxiety through breath in 10 minutes or less. This course provides 7 practical breathing techniques that can be used either in the morning, during the day or at night to elevate stress and anxiety. You will learn simple, doable and practical stress busting breathing exercises all in one secure spot. This will become your go to place for stress management support and will actually raise your mood to a happy state. Who doesn't want that?

Live with ease: 7 Easy Ways to Reduce Flight or Flight Response and Improve Rest and Digest State ($30)


COMING SOON - February 2023

Did you know that you can control stress and anxiety through 7 techniques (mostly fun) that would support your ability to rest, relax, be able to eat and digest your food easily. This can be all done through stimulating the parasympathic system through the Vagus Nerve.