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Spiritual life coaching – Law of Attraction and The Teaching of Abraham through Esther Hicks

Abraham Teachings through the words of Esther Hicks

Law of Attraction – How can you have it all when it is not there right in front of you? Being an avid follower of Abraham and Esther Hicks, I have learned over the last decade to master being satisfied regardless of what has actually manifested in my life or not. And I can say that it is wonderful and f**h yeah, I manifest a lot!

I spent years always sitting the the gap of where I was to where I wanted to be (Abraham calls that contrast) and guess what? I created more of what I did not wanted! For me, I found the energy of not having was dominate and I could never quiet my mind enough to allow or receive. Us humans are hard coded to see, touch and relate at an earth based level. And that is where I was stuck.

Abrahams Teaching

The power in Abrahams Teachings and the simplicity of what we need to do to receive and manifest with infinite possibilities requires no effort or energy.

Abraham’s words of wisdom have evolved over the years. We started off with being in the vortex and we tried really act / feel like we already had it. This also was the main point that came out documentary The Secret. For most of us, it didn’t work. Why? The money still wasn’t in my bank account, I kept meeting dickheads, I can never find that damn parking spot.

We humans are not conditioned to realise that we are connected to something greater that us. That this connected self; the universe, your God, your inner being is there to bring all that we desire into our lives.

Abraham Today

Through the words of Esther, Abraham is constantly saying that it is life is really really simple and to stop making it so complicated. In every worksop right now Abraham is saying that we need to meditate 15 to 20 minutes each day.

Taking that further, we should meditated in quiet, maybe with a clock ticking to stop your mind getting distracted.

Abraham suggests to start on a Monday morning. If you managed just 1 minute of totally being quite, then you are aligned to your inner being or source energy. After a few days that quiet mind should get easier and easier. I’ll admit, it took me at least month! Hey, I’m an analytical thinker!

Impulses and Thoughts

When you meditate you will start to received thoughts or impulses. Depending on the thought or impulse you will learn to craft if you need to take action from them or if you need to simply receive and marinate in it.

I’ll give you an example of impulses and thoughts that I recently experienced. For the month of October I kept visualising myself being on my favourite hike at the Royal National Park near Sydney. I kept promising myself that I’d go. The park has amazing costal walk the really brings me back into my body and my soul dances when I’m there. I ignored the call.

Take Me To Church

Two weeks back, I woke up with Hozier – Take Me To Church ringing in my head. Being a lapsed Catholic, I thought “What was that all about?”.

I meditated first thing after waking up and the song kept playing. Straight after meditation, I listen to an Abraham workshop from April 2017 in Boca Raton. During the workshop, a lady mentioned that she keeps hearing songs in her head and asked if that was a message? Abraham said yes.

Within a nano second, I realised that song Take me to Church was about me getting off my butt, into the car, to drive down to the Royal National Park and walk! Within 15 minutes I was on the road to my spiritual church. My inner being really wanted me to go and it kept giving me signs until I got it.

We had no rain during September and most of October. However that morning, it was bucketing down. That didn’t stop me. As I drove up to the car park the rain stopped. The sun shone for 2 and half hours. Relaxed, soul energised, replenished and rejuvenated, I arrive back at the car. It started to rain again.

How Do You Receive All That is in your Vortex?

The above experience confirmed to me that we are always receiving signs or message and when the time is right, we finally get it or the desire will manifest. What the meditation does is it puts us in the position to receive or as ready says “Ready to be ready to be ready to be ready”.

Daily Practice

My clients who have the greatest success schedule their success each and every day. SO if you want to be a manifestation magnet plan to meditate tomorrow.

  1. Know what to action and know what to simply receive with your thoughts and impulses.
  2. Follow strong impulses and delight in what manifests and unfold.
  3. Stop, breathe, enjoy the journey.
  4. Allow, prosper, be Satisfied.

Learn More About Abraham

I’ve been truly blessed and grateful for coming across Abraham years ago and I have amazing life tools and foundation due to Abraham and Esther. To learn more about Abraham or to attend a Abraham Workshop go to their website: CLICK HERE.


Janet x

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Personal Development Coaching

Are You a Rock Star Performer?

Rock Star Performer – Regardless of the industry you are in, you can have Rock Star Power! Now, I’m not talking the Hollywood celebrity kind, I’m referring to the people who tend to give extraordinary service with their work and with those around them. They have a deep desire to succeed.

You influence, you love what you are doing, and it radiates out from you. You are the kind of person that does more than expected; you are likeable and people want to be around you.

Do you have Rock Star Power?

I’d be interested to hear what your immediate response was. As a lot of us generally don’t think we have it, yet we all innately possess it! 65% of the population would admit to being shy and we live from a self imposed script due to it. Your inner Rock Star is hidden. So what other qualities does a Rock Star Performer have and can you awaken them within?


Your desire to succeed is so strong that you can taste and feel the end result. Want to set up your own business? If you have a deep burning desire to succeed then you will sit up past midnight after everyone else has gone to bed to develop that business plan, do some research, write an article. Rock Star Performers see no other result than the end goal.


Rock Stars push past any bumps and pitfalls along the way including failed attempts! It is well know that most successful people have lost their money or failed over and over again and yet they don’t let failure stop them from dusting down and starting again.


A Rock Star Performer follows through to the end. They perfect their art or way of doing something and act from that all the time. They also learn constantly and adjust behaviours according to any knowledge gained


If the desire is deep, you will take action each and every day to attain your goal. You will get up before dawn to educate, read, call the other side of the world, visual or meditation on your success. You know what you need to do. You are crystal clear on the outcomes and you construct your day to include tasks that will get you there. A true Rock Star will also have that work / life / health / spiritual balance as they know the importance of it.

So how are you going so far? Does the above ring true for you? Has it awoken aspects of yourself that you didn’t recognise or desire to have again? Hope so…!

Until Next Time….

Happy Playground….


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Midlife Crisis Starting as Early as 35 years Old

UK researchers have released a finding that the traditional midlife crisis that people tended to experience around 50 and upwards is starting in people as young as 35 years old. As a Life Coach, I personally do not find this surprising.

The research done by Relate UK say:

  • That 1 in 5 aged 35 – 44 feel lonely a lot of the time and have suffered depression,
  • 22% wish they had a better relationship with their family and the same number feel closer to their friends than to their family
  • Nearly one third think their family relationships would improve if they could reduce their working hours
  • 25% wanted more time for their family
  • 23% want more time for their friends
  • 22% have suffered depression
  • 28% have left a job because of a bad relationship with a colleague
  • 40% have been cheated on by a partner

People in this age group also work long hours and have the added stress of managing family, mortgage and other financial pressures that go along with it.

To fill in the time with family/friends gaps, the 35 to 44 year olds are prolific users of communication whether it be mobile phone calling and texting, using Skype or webcam, Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch with family and friends.

From my coaching perspective, most of my clients range between 33 to 45 years old and fit in perfectly with the above statistics.

Clients come to life or business coaching because how their life or business is right now needs to change. It isn’t working for them.

It takes courage to take action but if your desire is strong for change, you have the determination to see it through, the discipline to take action each and every day, you will see the results! I have tons of clients that have proved it.

Janet x

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