“Working with Janet has been one of the best decisions of my life. She was able to steer me in the right direction and truly hold me accountable to deliverables we created together.

That accountability and direction helped me discover and develop confidence that has allowed me to achieve success and happiness at a pace that was unfathomable to me 6 months ago. Thanks Janet!”

Emily McInerney, Communications Manager, San Francisco

“Thank you for all the support, guidance and inspiration! Thanks to you I managed to set some life changing goals that I was able to achieve. I am now working on realising my own dreams and not someone else’s, bringing back the magic and making people smile! I am forever grateful…”

Hanna Hervall, Photographer, QLDs

“Janet McNally is simply a terrific Executive Coach. I wish I had hired her years ago because by now I would have employed her full time. She sees beyond the excellence you’ve envision for yourself and drives you to, not only see it too, but achieve it. What more could you want?”

Julia Vargiu, Principal, New Business Methodology, Sydney, Australia

“My business partners and I engaged Janet to help refocus our business and ourselves. Personally, I had been questioning if it was time to move on, but now I’m more enthusiastic and excited about the business than ever. The business is now going from strength to strength and my wife has commented that she has “the old Xav back”.

Xavier Craven, Financial Services

“Working with Life Playground has been one of the best decisions of my life. I have worked on and off with Janet for 5 years now. Initially with life coaching and over the years more guidance and skills building from a mindset, executive coaching, mentoring perspective. I changed careers thanks to Janet’s support. At the end of last year I attain a leadership position in my new industry – All within 3 years. That wasn’t possible in my mind 5 years ago. Janet herself is an example of getting out of one industry and being successful in another. This investment in yourself is must for those wanting change, ready to have your butt kicked yet know I was in safe hands all along the change and growth process. Thank you” Helen – ex Information Technology worker, now Entertainment Industry

Hannah J, Executive Director

“From our first chat, it was clear to me that Janet is passionate about helping her clients recognise and become the best that they can be. I appreciated her patience and frank manner, and I felt that I could be vulnerable with her so that we could really look at the real causes of the issues. I was a changed person after my sessions with Janet – I still can’t believe it!”

Grace T, Investment Banker, Sydney, Australia

“Janet gave me some great business tips for running my small business. I always feel energised after talking with Janet”

Garth Montgomery

“I’ve been working with Janet over the past year and we’ve been writing programs together for workshops on well-being. Janet has been great to work with and has a wealth of knowledge on life coaching and mindset. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious bringing the best out of those in her presence.”

Ehsaan Sakhae – CEO Inspirational Management Australia

“In November – December 2009, I was in despair; the worst ever year of my life. My life was on a knife edge, almost literally. I thought of contacting a Life Coach. Fast forward September 2012, my life has turned around. How did this happen??? The answer is quite simple, an angel called Janet McNally,

Dr Algenes Aranha, Gold Coast, Australia

“Janet McNally simply ROCKS! Thanks to her unique Cxo Bootcamp Coaching Program she devised for me, I was able to deliver an eight week 30 multi-million dollar movie production. Her infectious positivity and ability to always see an solution transformed days when I would normally have given up. Having her speak to me, the crew and cast on set allowing us to vent, cry or laugh in private made a huge difference to success of the movie.”

Ryan H, Writer / Director, Entertainment Industry, Los Angeles and New York

“Janet came into my life through a mutual friend and not a moment too soon either. Since we began working together I have had more clarity of who I am and what I CAN achieve. It has improved my relationship with my partner, family and friends. She has helped me improve my business skills and the growth of my business. If feel like your life’s direction is stalled then encourage you to get in touch with Janet today!”

Brad Bowden, Business Owner, Sydney, Australia

“Janet was a powerful and inspirational guidance for me. She was able to discuss any subject with understanding and empathy, and provide a much needed external perspective to allow me to ultimately make the changes I needed in my life Janet’s ability to listen and provide intuitive and thought provoking advice was such a contributing factor for me that I without hesitation recommend her to those willing to make changes in their lives, to push ahead or get some understanding of themselves or their current circumstance. I cannot thank her enough.”

Tim Buric, IT Services Manager, Sydney, Australia

“I was a client of Janet for approximately 6 months….I was in dire straits when I first made contact with Janet…since then Janet has helped me turn my life around. I am a much stronger person, clearer about what it is that I want out of life. Everyday is bringing new challenges and I surprise myself with things that I achieved and learn. I was probably at first a little sceptical of the idea of talking with a life coach at first but looking back at the person I was compared to the person I am now, I am very happy that I made the choice to try something new and I cannot tell you the difference that Janet hasmade to me and my life”

JR, Wollongong, NSW, Australia

“With Janet by my side I was able to get really clear on what I wanted for myself. From that came confidence, self worth, life and business savvy skills.I now have a thriving Internet Marketing business. Be warned, she does give it to you straight…!”

Jo Higgins, Internet Marketer, San Jose, CA, USA

“I found our work to be amazingly powerful, intuitive, and loving. Look forward to working with you again. ”

Grant Forbes, Personal Trainer, Los Angeles, CA, USA

“I was feeling at a very low point in my life when I met Janet, she helped me to gain a sense of direction and a sense of self. Janet has inspired and challenged me to grow and learn on many levels. Thanks to Janet my self awareness is stronger and I feel a lot more confident in my abilities, and encouraged to fulfil my souls purpose.”

Shelley Hill, Counsellor, Byron Bay, Australia

“Janet works with people from an earthy nurturing space, that of a guidance counsellor/ coach like presence. She creates a space to be held and supported in revealing vulnerable life issues that have resulted in the blocking our life’s joys. Her presence and energy envelope you in a cocoon of woven silk life wonder while being present to your needs and agenda knowing just when to challenge and left hook you into action so that you can achieve all the things in your life that you desire. Thanks again Miss McNally for the perfectly timed left hooks.”

Damien Wilson –  e-xcite transitions & transformational coaching and rythmic Visions dance therapy, Byron Bay, Australia

“I found Janet to be very approachable and accepting of the various things I needed to work through. Janet really broke down things for me in a way that I could sit back and look at the bigger picture of what was going on. Communication just flowed and I was not so overwhelmed by the suggestions Janet brought forward. Suffice to say…. I’m powered through with a gentle nudge and guidance from Janet. For that assistance…I am so thankful”

Jacqui Fahey – Business Owner – Naturopath, Sydney, Australia

“Since having Janet as my life coach I have realized that I was born worthy of total peace prosperity. She has a very intuitive energy and technique of bringing to the surface what I actually wanted out of life. Janet helped me peel the layers of my outer-self to reveal my Inner-Self. She encouraged me to seek answers to question about who I am and reintroduced me to my truths that had been long shut out. Through every session there was such joy. And in the midst of that great energy she was able to guide me through some very intense life transitions. Janet helped me find my power, bring the right things into my life and dramatically improve my circumstances” With peace and gratitude to you Janet…

Roderick Taylor, Sacramento, CA, USA

“Following my series of sessions with Janet, I felt a deeper sense of empowerment and direction. Janet holds a sacred and open space; this allowed me to explore my inner world comfortably and without hesitation. I feel Janet holds a special presence and she is a natural nurturer. I’ve gained greater awareness and contentment from our time together, which will ultimately continue to guide me on my journey”

Thank you, Alana, London, UK / England